Montag, 30. Juli 2007

Berlin Apartment

Here are the bedrooms...

The lovely kitchen...

This is a shot from my kitchen as well. I am on the top floor and have many stairs to climb. But hey check out that view.

Ahhh the cupboards and refrigerator. Cause you need to see those. This is where my food goes.

The refresh my skillllz.

The funky closet....

This is my closet that hides behind the doors/art.

This is my high tech alarm. ha. well In photoshop maybe it looks high tech but I think it's about 20 years old. But hey... does the job. No complaints.

The next photos-- I got a little photoshop crazed. This is my desk in my room.

So this picture is outside my kitchen window. Storch looks like cute little restaurant only I have no clue cause I went there by myself and no one would wait on me. I waited for 20 minutes and then just left. I must have smelled bad.

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